Monday Suppers in Summerland
Our Summerland United community is overjoyed to re-boot Monday Supper as our monthly way of connecting with the community, by offering a meal and engaging musicians and performers who care about our town, to join us, in performance.

Monday Supper is a free community meal we cook and offer on the last Monday of every month. It runs from 5:30pm to 7pm and incorporates food and friendly hospitality and music in the hour and a half. We see it as an opportunity to help knit our town together – and be well fed together. We also see it as an opportunity to be fed with music and get to know the musical wealth that is in our area.

Questions leading up to your arrival (to be precise: leading up to 3pm on the day of your arrival): email Linnea Urgent issues on the day of your arrival, please call the church: 250-494-1514.