Even dance 2016Yanti is pleased to announce her second year at Even Dance teaching Musical Theatre!    She developed a love for musical theatre from a very young age and enjoys teaching the gift of performance to kids of all ages.    Children will learn to engage their audience through the art of singing, dancing and acting.

She is also adding preschool ballet to her roster of classes.





For developing fingers, ukulele is an excellent choice for beginners.  Starting from age 6, Yanti teaches rhythm, chord progressions, strum progressions and tuning in private and group classes for kids.  Many of her students have gone on to learning guitar and have a much easier time with the strings because of the finger strength training they’ve done through ukulele classes.

Yanti’s belief that everyone has a song to sing is what drives her voice classes.  Because she is performance oriented herself, Yanti chooses one song per month for her students to learn for a performance at a local retirement home.  This gives students a chance to play with a live band and hone their performance skills.  Yanti also encourages her students to find their own performance opportunities whether at church, markets, talent shows or competitions.