April 30th The Great Naramata Recycled Clothes Sale

I am feeling grateful for the abundance we have in this community.  Over the course of 3 1/2 months, a melting pot of hundreds of people donated to the Great Naramata Recycled Clothes Sale.  This Fill-A-Bag* (*grocery bag) for $5 fundraiser for the Naramata PAC, starts in Yanti’s home in January and finishes up at the Naramata’s BIG Garage Sale Saturday around Earth Day at the end of April.  This year we raised a record over $2000 as hundreds of people visited the Naramata Elementary School Gym from 9am-2pm…  And the money is still trickling in as people got their treasures home and realized what a deal they got and are stopping by the school to donate a bit more for their new favourite outfit!
This year under the direction of Tiffany Hoolaef and Alicia Walker, NES’s leadership group merchandised and sold over $300 dollars of designer and almost new clothes generously donated for the purpose of this leadership group.  This was such a success that we will continue with the “Me 2 We” Garage Sale next year.
Super many thanks to EVERYONE, and there were many, who contributed time, money and clothes to help make a difference in our village’s school.