Yanti’s jazzy tenor style voice lends nicely to Jazz Standards of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s in many different grouping and for many different occasions.  She also wailes at the Blues!  Her karaoke parties are always a night to remember and she’s always learning up a song for some event or another.  Yanti has performed at many local stages, eateries, wineries, and retirement homes.  She also performs for private parties, weddings and other special occasions.

Don Wade & Yanti Rowland/Sax Among Friends Friday night jazz at Martin Street Art & Music Gallery in downtown Penticton, British Columbia.

Martin Street in downtown Penticton, British Columbia. Photo By: Preserved Light Photography


Yanti has added her voice to saxophonist Don Wade’s grouping, Sax Among Friends.  The group has performed as a duo, trio, quartet, and quintet and provides quality jazz music to venues all around the South Okanagan.  Yanti, Don, and Sax Among Friends has become well known for providing seniors entertainment and retirement home shows. The group has also performed at local art galleries, restaurants, and community events.  Please visit Sax Among Friends’ website for booking, up to date performance information and letters of recommendation.


ACB Quad Pic

Allan  Crossley,   Larry  Crawford
Stefan  Bienz,   Yanti


Recently, Yanti has joined a group of local long-time legendary Okanagan musicians that have delighted audiences at Zias Stonehouse Restaurant in Summerland, B.C, The Vernon Jazz Club, and the Dream Cafe in Penticton.   The South Okanagan ‘super-group’ has Allan Crossley on keys, Stefan Bienz on bass, Larry Crawford on horns and Yanti’s vocals.   Audiences have raved about this grouping, which is still developing new sounds and finding how each of their talents combine to form truly amazing sound.


Buy their CDs of original jazzy music under the name Allan Crossley on Apple Music, Spotify or Google Play.

Contact Allan Crossley for bookings and more details.



Justin Glibbery Quartet Featuring Yanti


 From innovative original compositions to torch vocals on jazz classics, The Justin Glibbery Quintet will entertain you and have you feeling it!.  With  Michael Treadway on drums, Stefan Bienz on bass Michael Perkins on trumpet, Yanti on the mic and Justin behind his piano, this  Okanagan based group puts on a great show.   Contact Justin Glibbery for booking information


The Okanagan Blues Project

Okanagan Blues Project





On a few very special occasions, Yanti has the opportunity to sing with the South Okanagan Big Band.  Formed as a not-for-profit group in 2011 by Richard de Jonge and a small group of fellow music enthusiasts, the South Okanagan Big Band (SOBB) is still a fairly young band.  What brings them together each week is the joy of playing those old swinging tunes of the 1930’s and 40’s made popular during the Big Band Era, plus some choice diverse tunes that have come along since!  The band currently makes their home at the Martin Street Art & Music Gallery in Penticton BC, practicing there weekly and playing for events on a fairly regular basis.  For more details about SOBB, check out www.sobb.ca.


When Yanti and DJ Tenacious T team up it’s a party!  From theme parties to dances, Fundraisers to weddings, this duo bring a dynamic feel to every event.






Yanti cares deeply for her community and is ready to help in any way she can.  Hiring Yanti to entertain guests at a fundraiser is a fun and affordable way to create a giving atmosphere for those in attendance.  Contact Yanti for more information about how she can help you with your upcoming event.

Yanti and her microphone have fronted various other groupings around the Okanagan.  The Okanagan is full of musical talent and Yanti delights in sharing her voice in a multitude of genres and groupings.  From singing in a duet with a lone keyboardist to fronting a seventy person choir, Yanti loves to sing and share her voice.  Yanti is experienced when it comes to a wide variety of performances.  From wedding to telethons, memorial services to board installations, Yanti can provide the musical “icing on the cake” for any occasion.

If you are a musician looking to hire a vocalist, Yanti is at your service!