Yanti is true to her heart and is a true community supporter.  She volunteers her time to various organizations and events to help her community and others thrive.




Penticton Arts Council – Yanti is a board member for the Penticton Arts Council.  She represents a voice for musicians in our area.



Since 2012, Naramata has showcased their local talent as well as raising money for Na  ramata Elementary School.  Groups such as Uncorked and The Super Cooligans have helped to raise the profile of the event.  The original concept was developed by Deb Linton and the Naramata PAC to provide a fun show for all ages.  Yanti, along with the amazing parents on the Naramata PAC, puts on this fantastic show in November.   Stay tuned…



April 23rd is Earth Day and since 2011, this means that Naramata puts on a BIG garage sale.  Included in this is the Great Naramata Recycled Clothes Sale.  Donations come in all year long and Yanti and her group of dedicated moms collect and sort through the clothes to bring you a super deal.  Come to Naramata Elementary school with a grocery bag and fill it will as many things  you can stuff in for $5!  Forgot your bag?  We’ve got extras.  Want a bigger bag?  Fill a large garbage bag for $20!  The proceeds go toward the Naramata PAC to support our local school.  This year the Naramata Elementary School Me 2 We program will receive the top brands of the best clothes from the donations and sell them off for $5 each item.  They will donate this money to all the charities they can think of!  Thank you for your support.